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Why bitcoin is not a bubble

why bitcoin is not a bubble

the world. Read more: What is the real value of a bitcoin? You either think big or go home, right? Flemish painter Jan Brueghel the Younger portrayed tulip speculators as monkey in his Satire on Tulip Mania dated to circa 1840. "The last few months have seen the beginnings of clear initiatives from the FCA and SEC to build out a coherent policy it's just a shame it's taken this long for them to get on board.". Its pretty cocky to say the blockchain cant be hacked when software and websites built over it, could. Now, if there is a bubble it means we werent able to control our greed for quick profits and allowed for enormous over-valued silly projects to emerge. Thats why I dont follow the advice of bubble theorists; its not useful. . Is price aligned with technology development and adoption, in any way? "Of course commentators have drawn comparisons between the current bear market and the dot-com bubble of the 1990s said Matthew Newton, an analyst at the online investment platform eToro. A bubble begins when the price people are willing to pay for something deviates significantly from its intrinsic value.

why bitcoin is not a bubble

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Read more: A history of Bitcoin told through the five different groups who bought. If the overall goal is to improve the network, adoption and user reward why wouldnt you do it?! This is the harsh truth you dont read many times. But hey, thats a feature of decentralization. Thats already pretty cool and quite an achievement, but we need to aim at doing it better. Standardized multisig/escrow contracts Although this point would definitely work under the blockchain hood, its key for people to trust each other. I hope you dont judge my rant too verdienen lisa und lena geld seriously; sometimes we just need to let it all out Bitcoin initiated a process of rewarding participants for securing the network.

why bitcoin is not a bubble

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