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How to check if a transaction is confirmed bitcoin

how to check if a transaction is confirmed bitcoin

application, like all other applications, needs to be carefully written to behave correctly in presence of crashes (errors). It is guaranteed that all changes done in a transaction are going to be visible, even after a crash. As you can see, I killed the test session after the second "update" and just after "alter system kill session taddr in vsession is null and the row in vtransaction no more exists.

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Test 02BF2448 07/21/03 20:06:420 RS_1 mini jop jetzendorf reinigungskaft haus arbeit 2,516 1 row selected. Elapsed: 00:00:00.71 20:08:05 mikemike/illuvatar test Session 2: system :07:43 mike/illuvatar system select d, ername, 20:07:43 2 dr tx, art_time, atus, art_scnb, 20:07:43 3 decode(undo, 'YES 'No RB nvl(me, 'No RB rollback, 20:07:43 4 round(size/1024) rssize, 20:07:43 5 rollbacking 20:07:43 6 from vrollstat rs, vrollname. Exe takes 75 of CPU and my disk works. All replies, from the services mmc, you can get to this from Administrative Tools Services or types c from Start and hit enter. . Furthermore the recovery also guarantees that any transaction not committed will be rolled back in case of a crash. Elapsed: 00:01:00.47 20:05:54 mikemike/illuvatar test 20:06:11 mikemike/illuvatar test update guichets set c_code_postal'00000 26295 rows updated. Elapsed: 00:01:39.52 20:04:52 mikemike/illuvatar test 20:04:53 mikemike/illuvatar test rollback; Rollback complete. Thanks for your help Michel.

How to check that there is transaction that is not yet

how to check if a transaction is confirmed bitcoin

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