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Kraken litecoin withdraw taking forever

kraken litecoin withdraw taking forever

operational procedures for safety, such as using separate networks for separate purposes, which means that each function.e. Cryptocurrency, confirmations Required, estimated Time augur (REP) 30 Confirmations 6 Minutes, bitcoin (XBT) 6 Confirmations 60 Minutes. I'm a lover not a hater. The majority of digital assets are held in cold, offline storage and servers are held in fully secure facilities with armed guards and retina scans. When it comes to customer support on Kraken, you have 5 options. Theyre also a top choice for international users since theyve been expanding globally and are open to investors around the world. In short, Krakens trading fees start.16 for the maker and.26 for the taker.

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Kraken user here, if all is clear the transaction start almost immediately, got.
Just took me Over an hour to withdraw from kraken.

The not-so-good: 2FA is not required. Even if youre not a resident of these 3 countries, youll still be required to submit an ID confirmation photo if youre using domestic USD funding. Kraken is one of the largest exchanges as of 2017, with a global market share of around 9 and with a reputation as the largest Bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity. With each subsequent block, the number of confirmations increases for the transaction. Here are the actual options for customer support: Help Center. If youre a part of the ever-active Reddit community, another option is /r/krakensupport. They can't handle my success so they try to stop T NO ONE stops MY success!.Find Quickseller annoying? Or even a Tuesday afternoon, for that matter. This is one of the most important questions you can ask about a cryptocurrency exchange before depositing large sums of your hard-earned money into their coffers. Tier 3 Time it takes to get verified? Higher deposit and withdrawal fees. Its particularly not cheap when compared to the deposit and withdrawal fees found on other exchanges, such as Gemini Exchange, which has the perk of offering free deposits and withdrawals.

kraken litecoin withdraw taking forever